* Find the instagram user you want by typing the username or name and surname in the search bar immediately above. Users are listed as you type. And by clicking on the results, you can view and download the large version of profile picture and stories of that user.

* Copy the post link from the Instagram website or mobile app and paste to the search bar just above and you can instantly view and download original and large versions of videos and photos.




You can view and download the original full size of any user's Instagram profile picture in high quality (hd) with Instafullsize. And you can view and download full size videos, photos, slideshow, galleries. You can also view anonymously and download all the user's full size Instagram stories if the user's profile is not private. Instafullsize is a free service. You can search for each Instagram user. Our website is designed to be suitable for mobile phones and looks great on all mobile devices. The interface is designed to enhance the user experience.

There are more than 800 million active users on Instagram. We have created a search input that allows you to search any account, even if you do not know the exact user name. As you start typing, it guesses who you want to find and lists suggestions for you. From this list, you click on the account. And if you want to download any Instagram photo or video from post, just paste post url to search input. That's it!

You can view profile pictures, photos, videos and stories in Instagram on very small sizes and you can not download them in Instagram. But you can do all this using Instafullsize.



* You don't have to install anything.
* Simple and fast.
* View and download full size instagram profile pictures, photos, videos, stories, galleries, slideshows.
* Anonymous.

When to use?

* To find out who sent you an add request
* When you want to view and download instagram stories. (anonymously)
* When you want to view and download full size profile picture.
* When you want to view and download instagram videos and photos.
* You want to share stories, videos, photos from other users in your own accounts.

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