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5 popular social media analysis tools

5 popular social media analysis tools

Hello everyone, from a beautiful Wednesday.

Today we will talk about popular social media tools in our new blog post. We have listed these online tools that are used frequently for social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, which brands use actively.


It offers a lot of data to its users such as follower growth rate, hashtag, follower interaction, more interaction times for social media accounts. And in this sense, it saves your time in account analysis. At the same time, it can filter these data for you by separating them into different parameters such as age, region and language.


It is considered by many to be the most authoritative online tool used for statistics of social media accounts. You can see a lot of data about what you can do to increase your ad and conversion performance with this tool.


Keyhole is an online tool that helps you provide the right content to your followers at the right time on social media. Do not forget that you will get the best interaction thanks to the right time and the right content. And this will increase your chances of getting more conversions. One of the actively used social media tools, Keyhole is highly recommended by users.


Iconosquare is one of the oldest social media tools. A tool where you can access analytics for Instagram stories. Thanks to the Google Chrome plugin, it provides ease of use to its users. And it is on our list as another widely used social media tool.


It is a social media tool that allows you to quickly communicate with these people by following what is written about you on social media platforms. Social media is frequently used for product complaints. And it is important for brands to contact brands and find solutions.

We have provided you with the most frequently used social media tools that brands and agencies prefer to use.