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How do people earn money through Instagram?

How do people earn money through Instagram?

Choose a niche, short videos like vines, funny quotes, tweets etc. Update your account at least once a day or two.( add photos, videos and stories)

Generate a fan base. Once you have got more then 50k. You can put your business email on your profile You will start receiving business offers from various websites selling different things.

They pay you as per your number of followers You’ll get paid to post one pic of their choice advertising their product. The larger the fan base or followers the more money you can charge from them.

Don’t forget in the process of gaining followers you might need to spend a little. For examples;
* to advertise about your page on some other famous instagrammers.
* Promote your posts on instagram etc.

Can you really make money on Instagram?

However, range is almost everything here. This is no different for Instagram from other platforms, such as YouTube, where reach is also important.

Instagram is now a billion dollar business for influencers, which also has strong growth. The market is expected to be $8 billion in 2020.

Of course, this is of particular benefit to celebrities who have many followers and thus earn very good money.

But even “normal” Instagrammers who have reasonably realistic followers now earn a lot of money on Instagram.

However, one thing should be clear to you. You don't make quick money here. It doesn't take overnight to build up a large followership, it takes time.

Just be patient. And work hard.